21st. August  Ayr and the Carrick hills

After an uneventful flight, during which I managed to get just an hour of sleep, I arrived in Glasgow at 6.40am and was in due course met by Colin, my  long term friend and hiking partner. We then drove to his place in Ayr, through rain, catching up as we went. 

We spent the morning going over gear lists, eliminating duplications, and addressing concerns about each other’s gear choices.

After lunch I had a brief nap only to be informed that the sun had come out and that we were going for a brief walk to try out Colin’s new shoes. 

After a 10 minute drive south from Ayr we turned down a side lane and parked
The walk turned out to be  2.5 k up a quiet country lane, with a rise of 700ft to the radio masts that can be just seen in the above photo, and then back down again. Done in also exactly an hour. Colin had no trouble with his new shoes, in fact he was delighted by their performance. My right knee felt a bit shaky at first, but settled into the task well so we were both happy.

Carrick Hills
View north over Ayr

4 thoughts on “21st. August  Ayr and the Carrick hills”

  1. Great start to your Blog, please be sure to include Colin in a Selfie when you are confident enough. We have heard a lot about his accompanying you but I don’t recall seeing his photo.


  2. Thanks Michael! Good to hear you are safe!!!
    Wonderful updates! I’m sure you’ll get used to the selfies…lol… Though takes a while…
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop! Safe travels!
    Cheers to you my friend!


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