Aug. 27th. Abisko to Abiskojaure 13k. 105m ascent 4hrs.

3.30pm. We left this morning at 9.30 under a grey sky and in very light rain and these conditions continued for the rest of the morning.
I had had a good nights sleep, going to bed around 9.30 with only a few disturbances between then and 7.00am. We had been advised to look for the northern lights around 1.30am. Colin went to look but by then it had clouded over. He had a less good night as he is fighting  a hacking cough and could not get comfortable. When I got upset seven I found him in the lounge reading.

The trail was not as soggy as I feared, there was extensive use of broad walks through, or rather across, the marshy and muddy areas. In some areas they were dual carriage way broad walks! The trail between the broad walk sections while being generally quite flat, was quite rocky. Just striding along was out of the question.

The trail followed a river through open countryside.

We were amongst the earliest arriving here, but others were hard on our heels and now it is quite busy, but by no means full we guess about 50 people staying here. We are in a dormitory with about 8 bunks. We have done our water fetching and wood chopping chores , had a hot chocolate and now the sun has come out so I must go and have a look at the mountain tops that up to now have been hidden.

9.40pm finally abed. Strange, usually I am wiped and one of the first to crash, but not tonight. Maybe the sauna envigorated me, or maybe the short afternoon nap. Whatever, I am getting there.  Colin is the same, but then he had a really long nap this afternoon.

The sun did come out, but the mountain tops kept hidden. It was nice enough to sit in the sun and enjoy the warmth and be told of the virtues of hiking in Crete by some fellow baskers. Then nap, then beer $40/6.5 for 1/2 l. Chat with couple from NM who were just getting into hiking, but finding they are carrying too much. Then supper, freeze dried chicken, noodles and black bean sauce – ok. Then, after suitable delay sauna, including 2 trips to the river for a cold plunge. Tea, chat to girls from Cambridge and Estonia, they latter with wolves in her back yard, and one less cat then she used to have. Suddenly everyone had gone to bed and Colin and I were sitting by ourselves and feeling wide awake. Well that has passed and so to sleep.

Fitbit says 550 ft ascent, 5331 cals burnt, 19.1k walked, 25,497 steps today.

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