Aug 28th. Abiskajaura.Trail to Unna Allakas huts as far as Sami huts. 18k. 5 hrs 40mins ~1000ft ascent and descent.

We slept well and finally got up around 7. Unlike most others we were in no rush to get going anywhere. So after breakfast (freeze dried scrambled eggs and ham – bad) tidying the hur, and consulting with the guardian, we set off at around 10am, southwards, on the opposite side of the valley we will eventually we going. The weather was cool, breezy, with rain showers. The latter sometimes seeming to come out of sunny skies. The walk went through the aspen forest, skirting above the valley bottom. A very pretty walk, especially in the early going with the rain drops glistening I the foliage. The trail was the usual combination of planks over boggy sections and rocky trail over the higher drier ground.

After 2 bridges and 3 hours we creasted a ridge and found the collection of huts that made the Sami settlement. Uninhabited at this time of year as the reindeer are still up in their summer pastures. Great view north down the valley and across to the south covered peaks to the east.

Lunch then we returned by the same route we had taken there. Arriving here, both of us with sore knees, just before 4. We then treated ourselves to a beer, and then hauled water and chopped wood as required by our rental agreement . Nap and write blog. Dinner – freeze dried salmon, potatoes and dill sauce, a good one, followed by nuts and dried fruit. Sauna, tea and trail mix, a nice sunset then bed.

Less chat with others today, and what there was was mainly in the sauna. One Brit who has been living and working in Stokholm all is life – Telecom . Another couple from London. Acedemics. He an historian, she is a child psychologist at Birkbeck! Also just talked to a couple of Swedish church musicians who are just finishing their walk.

Bed at 10pm.

Fitbit says: 1030 virtical feet, 5242 cals. 22.9 k, 28643steps.

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