Aug. 29th Side trail towards lake Boazucohkka. 9k, 700ft ascent and descent. 3 1/4 hrs.

Woke at 6. Visit toilet back to bed til 8. A good night. Though could still feel ache in knees and legs . Apparently Colin was up at 1 doing his stretches before returning to bed.
After  breakfast had a go at my toenails. The nail clipper in my new fancy Swiss army knife(recommended by I forget who) were great for finger nails, but bounced of my toenails. Fortunately my med. kit includes surgical shears which were up to the task.

It was breezy and cloudy in the morning, temp about 5. We went for a short walk. We decided to follow a cascade up to a lake, no footpath, bushwacking and following animal trails.

We did not get all the way to the lake, but stopped on a wide ledge with a great view back down the valley and up the cascades to the rim. We had the soup we brought with us ( the thermos’s we brought are proving a great  idea) took photographs and admired the view before descending again.

When we got back to the hut Colin decided he was still hungry so we brought some rice and a can of mackerel and devoured that. Then chores again. Me fetching water and Colin chopping firewood. Then an extended nap.

Supper – Mediterranean vegs and pasta – very good, especially after adding garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and salt. Dessert – the usual trail mix.

Interesting feature here, they are currently working on making the hut wheel chair accessible!

Conversations today: mainly with couple from Leek who since retiring early a year ago have been travelling/ hiking continuously, Turkey, Morocco, Ethiopia, Canada, South America. India is next . He is 50,  clinical psychiatrist with lots of good stories about his patients , but none good about the current state of his part of the NHS.

Sauna, bed around 9.15.

Fitbit reports: 730 ft ascent/ descent. 4188 cals burnt, 12.8 k walked and 15955 steps.

9.30 Oh dear, I might have overdone the crushed chilli peppers.

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