Aug. 30th. Abiskojaure To Alesjaure 22k (my Fitbit said 24k), 330m ascent, 40m descent. 7hrs.

Woke at 5 for pee, in time to catch a portentous sunrise – yes it did rain later on.

We left around 8.30 in still conditions and a high sky and not wearing our rain gear for the first time. Shortly even my down vest was shed as we made our way up the first part of the hike. On the way we passed several places where people were cowboy camping and, at last, our first reindeer.

After about 90mins we reached the plateau and suddenly encountered the wind in our faces.

There after it gradually got colder and windier, then the rain started. My this time we were back in ful rain gear. I even resorted to gloves.

The surrounding scenery was pretty good with lakes and. Far snow covered mountains.

Eventually we saw another herd of reindeer. These were close enough to photograph.

There was a possibility of taking a boat down the length of the final lake, cutting 6k off the hike. Unfortunately service stops for the winter on the 28th. So it was not an option for us. We probably would not have taken it anyway, it cost 350 SK, ~$70 per person.
As we approached the huts the wind dropped, the rain stopped and the sun began to show itself. The rest of the afternoon it alternated sun and showers.

We were given a room with a view back over the lake and a rainbow thrown in for free.

The shop here is well stocked so we brought a selection of meals to last us the next few days that we are here. Tried the chicken, rice and lime. Not bad, but Colin’s curried cod smelt better.

Only 3 couples staying in our hut tonight, it could accommodate 26 people. There are three similar huts here and the manager seems to have adopted a philosophy of spreading people around. We are in a double room by our selves which is nice.

On the trail today, while sheltering from the wind and rain and having a snack, we met a couple of about our age from Yorkshire who had been all over the place, South and Central America, all over Europe. They usually travel by bus and camp, as they were this trip. They recommended Marjorca and the GR11.

Sauna, a bit of a disaster. Very hot which was ok. But rinsing arrangements bad, very dark and crowded, and the lake was 30 vertical feet or more below the sauna and reached by a narrow gangway which went down at about 45 degrees. Not for me in bare feet , no glasses, and bare ass naked.

Bed at 9.40, late, but no matter as it is a local excursion.

Fitbit report: 1940 vertical ft. 5548 cals. 26.6 km. 33232 steps.

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