Aug 31st. Excursion to Unna Visttasvaggi

A light frost on the ground this morning, making the duckwalk to the toilets slippery, but I made it. Otherwise the weather is high overcast with very little wind. Temperature just above freezing.

Colin went for a small tour around while I had second sleep. Breakfast at7.30. Cereal from Real Turmat. I good one, nice and grainy and with added fruit. Colin the went off to phone Shiela while I washed up. Yes we can. Phone from here, for 20SK per minute!

Very tired in the morning, don’t know why, I got lots of sleep. I don’t know how much as my Fitbit , since its last technical update in Abisko, has refused to track my sleep. Still we went on an excursion anyway.

We left at 9.20 and returned at 2.00. Looking at the map it is less than 1000 ft of ascent, according to Fitbit we did 1500ft. and about 16k. While it was dry when we started the forecast rain and wind soon arrived. Of coarse it was ion our faces. We started on the main trail. We could not find the small trail off to the lakes we were going to so we just struck off across country towards the falls at the base of the valley. We never found the trail, just  occasional reindeer paths. The climb up to hanging valley and lakes was tough, especially with the wind and rain blowing hard in our faces making it quite cold, and not knowing quite where we were going.

We made it to the first lake. Very desolate and bleak it was.

Coming back down was much easier. On the way we found a memorial to 3 women who died one winter in very bad weather. They were not found for 6 months.

The weather remained bad all the way back, but at least it was on our backs.

It stayed bad the rest of the day. Lots of bedraggled hikers arrived and the drying room soon was full.

After tea and cookies spent the afternoon in bed reading the only English language book in the library. Then (6.00) supper – Bla brand Indian chicken stew . Good, but small portion. Filled up with cookies and the usual trail mix.

After supper booked in here for the third scheduled night. While subsequently reviewing future days plans I discovered that I had miss labelled the days and that I had two August 29ths. Fortunately this is not a mistake with major consequences, just one less day exploring side trails.

iPhone battery got down to 13% today so recharged it. At this rate the back up battery I brought with me should be ample.

No sauna to day, the weather outside was not inducive to it, so early night continuing book.

Fitbit stats for the day: 1590 ft. Vertical, 5818 cals. 18.7k, 23,300 steps.

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