Sept. 1st. Excursion towards Ulla … Huts. 3 1/2 hrs. 1500ft. ~ 12k

We had a very leasurely morning, only leaving at 9.30, long after all the others in our hut. It was about 5 C, and blowing a gale with occasional showers thrown in. Fortunately we started going down wind so we had it relatively easy.

We rose through alpine meadows to the upper tundra. Past patches of last years snow. Pretty bleak up there, but impressive. At the top, overlooking the lake that had been our destination, we hid behind a rock from wind and rain that was blasting across the landscape for a quick drink of soup and a bar, and turned for home. As we returned the weather improved somewhat, with the sun making an appearance, so the return was quite pleasant. We stopped half down for a second lunch and to photograph the view and wild flowers.

The afternoon was spent listening to the wind whistling in the chimney, chores, reading and a short nap. Here are some views of inside the hut and our bedroom.

Also in the afternoon a helicopter dropped in twice with supplies. Apparently the trail has been much busier this year than usual and so, despite it being only a couple of weeks from the end of season, extra supplies are needed for the shops along the trail. Much of the extra traffic this year is of Britishers.

The wind is meant drop over night, which will be a blessing, unfortunately rain is still in the forecast. Still, while not enjoying it, I am getting used to it and more comfortable with my ability to deal with it. Talking to a couple of swedes tonight it seems that the weather is a the extreme lower range of what is usual for the time of year. Last year was the opposite with daytime temperatures in the 20s. The draw back then was the mosquitos!

So another early night tonight. I am again skipping the sauna, though Colin is not.

Fitbit stats for the day: 1600ft vertical, 4900 cals burnt. 15.4 k.travelled, 19192 steps.

Comments on the Fitbit stats. Vertical feet measurement seems reasonably accurate, though on undulating terrian it is no use for checking against map contours as the Fitbit registers every little up and ignores the downs. Over longer periods it is also susceptible to changes in atmosphere pressure.

Cals: I have no idea how accurate the Fitbit algorithm is. Can it really be accurate just using my pulse rate, resting heart rate and weight? I don’t know. I do know that I am not eating anyway near the 4000 a 5000 it says I am burning, so I should be losing a pile of weight. We will see.

Distance travelled. Unless I use the gps tracking, which I am not due to battery concerns, it uses a standard stride length. It the past this has proved to be quite accurate when hiking in Canada.

Steps taken. I know I am fool the Fitbit on this. Whilst clipping the hedges at home the Fitbit thinks I travel many k. When walking without poles my arms swing with each step, not so when using poles. Does this misled it. I don’t know, but on a recent leg of this journey the book said it was 22k and the Fitbit said 24k   So all in all i think it is pretty accurate, say to within 10%.

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