4th Sept. Nello to Salka 11k. 3hrs 15 mins.

Heavy rain over night and into the morning, but stopped by when we left at our usual 9.30. As usual it was around 5C. And overcast.

An hours walk took us to the crest and into the wind and rain.

Then a long hard boring slog across a plateau with the more than occasional watercourse to traverse. Pretty soon I had my usual wet feet. A small backtrack  when we found we were passing a lake on the wrong side. Then much much more of the same. After 2 hrs a standing stop for soup with our backs to the wind and rain, then on again.

Suddenly we were at the edge of the plateau and descending on a clearly defined path, the rain stopped, even the wind lessened, and the huts came into view. Colin shot off ahead, but I sauntered slow down enjoying the open scenery and the reduction in stress that comes with knowing the the journey and its uncertainties are vertually over, and that it has stopped raining at least for the present.

We got installed in our allocated hut (undressed in the drying room) and claimed our bunks. Had the rest of our soup and crisp bread then went shopping for three days of supplies. Both Colin and I being almost completely out of the supplies we brought with us.

Leasurely afternoon, a few chores, writing notes,  a brief yoga session, then an early supper. Not freeze dried, but mashed potatoes and salmon in lobster sauce with a side of mackerel. Then sauna, tea and trail mix then more notes, chat and bed.

Wind has swung round to be from the north, perhaps the weather will improve tomorrow.

Fitbit stats: 1000ft. Vertical, 5538 cals., 18.34 k., 22909 steps.

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