5th. Sept. Rest day

Well the weather did change over night. It got colder. At one o’clock it was blowing a gale with sleety rain. Not nice for the 150m run to the toilets! By six at least it had stopped snowing temporarily though the gale blew on. The scenery had changed dramatically, the snow line had dropped 1000ft.

We took an unusually leasurely breakfast , did the chores and generally hung about. The wind was forecast to drop during the day, with the occasional shower. We had planned to explore a side valley, waterfall and lake, but now it was above the snow line. Also we were informed that we would have to wade a deep, fast flowing river to get to the base of the valley, so instead, after lunch, we went for a walk up the trail in the direction we would have come from if not for our detour via Vistas and Nallo. Given the drop in temperature, I decided to try out my extreme cold clothes set up. Three layers on the legs, another top layer, gloves with liners, toque and baseball cap. Thick socks. More than I would wear hiking in -20 in Ontario. Needless to say while I was toasty warm I could hardly move my legs, and my energy levels were low. Colin’s were not so he strode ahead while I ambled after. After 45 mins I stopped and had a 20 rest/nap while Colin went on. I then ambled slowly back enjoying not having to pace on and the sun and the wide open desolate empty space that is this wilderness. No wild life except for just one crow.

Back at the hut I had my soup and read until Colin turned up. The usual lazy afternoon, then dinner, sauna and bed.


Swedish guy, ~ 35, who had just (18mths) returned to Sweden after 10yrs in London. He was having a hard time adjusting to Swedish life. He says he prefers speaking English to Swedish. He was a carpenter, and now works for IKEA building prototype furniture.

French guy also ~ 35, who used to trail run . Has done the TMB. Says his knees are not as good as they were. Still he plans to return and run the Kungsleden.

Fitbit stats: 680ft vertical, 3943 cals., 12.5 k 15590 steps.

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