6th. Sept. Salka to Singi 12k 3hrs 45min.

I was roughly woken at 12.15 by Colin demanding I get up. Eh! Northern lights. Oh. Apparently I missed the best part of the display, but still good. Notable for their full coverage of the sky, not just to the north of us but way to the south of us as well. Logical, but just not what I expected.

Best up at 7. A lovely frosty morning with blue sky and no wind. On the morning run to the loo met the custodian who put a dampener on the morning by saying there was a possibility of showers later.

For once we were the first up, but in no rush. Just finished our breakfast when others started appearing. One lady is carrying a cartoon of eggs! On talking to her we find this is her first multi day hike. She is learning!

We made an earlier than usual start in perfect weather, sun and no wind. We could even see the tops of the surrounding mountains, or at least some of them.

Easy walking, though for a route that was essentially following a river down the valley it still had 500ft. of vertical. It was nice to walk and see the peaks for once.

However, needless to say, after a couple of hours it started clouding over again and a slight breeze came up.

We stopped twice on the way down for snacks, and got here in good time and before its started raining as usual.

The afternoon was spent as usual.

Dinner then bed.

Fitbit stats: 610 ft vertical, 5128 cals., 15.9k., 21411 steps.

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