7th. Sept. Singi to Kebnekaise 14k. 4 hrs 45mins.

For once we started early, 7.30am, having both woken around 6 and not feeling like going back to bed. So for once we were ahead of the morning rush. Also, while it was overcast, it was not raining.

We had the usual hour of hiking before the rain started. In that time we had climbed steadily up. Passed two groups of reindeer and several waterfalls.

At one point it, the low cloud cover made it feel as though we were walking under a grey roof.

The rest of the hike, illustrated below, was done in alternating periods of rain and non rain, and increasing wind. We had our usuall stops for bars and soup.

We finally arrived here in a burst of sunshine.

Mind you it did not last long and was soon pouring again, but by then we were registered, so we were free to populate the drying room and using the cooking facilities to have a late lunch.

Then our first shower for two weeks, and an enormous hot chocolate.

Great meal tonight, with wine. Sauna and. At 9.30 , bed. It is stilly blowing a gale and raining outside.

Fitbit stats: 1310 ft. Vertical., 5433 cals., 21.41 k., 26748 steps.

One thought on “7th. Sept. Singi to Kebnekaise 14k. 4 hrs 45mins.”

  1. Hi Michael
    I love the accommodation!! I could definitely join the hike if the accommodations were always that nice!
    Interesting photos of the reindeer ; I always thought they roamed on herds? Any wolves? Bears?
    Thanks for the photos!
    Must feel great to have finally showered!
    Happy trails,


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