8th. Sept. Excursion from Kebnekaise station towards Kebnekaise itself.

A rainless day was forecast and the plan was to walk as far as possible along the west route to the summit of Kebnekaise, turning back when meeting clouds or snow.

While we woke of a clearing day, windy, high clouds and sun. So by 6.15 we were at breakfast and on the trail by 7.30.

An hour saw us at the base to the first step bit up a gully.

Another hour to the top of this section and a bridge in a bowl before another section leading steeply up to a col.

The col was in cloud most of the time, though the main peak was usually clear. It also looked pretty windy up there. That was enough for me but not for Colin. He thought it was lifting so carried on promising to return when he hit the cloud or after an hour. Well I rested 15 minutes then said bugger it and followed him. An hour later I was at the col and knackered. However the cloud was lifting somewhat, though the peak at the top of the next section was still invisible . Enough for me, 2600ft vertical in three hours. So after some soup and a small delay I case Colin returned, I started to make my way down.

It was hard, and my knees started really complaining and I lost trust in them so the going got very slow and frustrating. At the end of the first steep section, an hour down, I stopped and snacked and took two Tylenols. These helped somewhat. Here is a view of the mountains above including a nice little waterfall.

After another 2 leasurely hours in glorious sunshine, and for the first time in two weeks being able to shed both rain jacket and rain pants, though over the usual rocks and rivers I got back to the accommodation.

Talking of rivers, spot the stepping stones.

I used the quiet time to Skype Tina and have a beer while waiting for Colin to reappear, probably having made it all the way up.

Sure enough he appeared at 5. Having made it to the top. He hitched his wagon to two fast guys who knew what they were doing and they towed him to the top and back down again. They turned out to be guys who arrived very late at our previous hut, Singi. I did not see them at the time retired to bed by then. Very fit 50 year olds. Apparently Colin could only keep up because one of them keep stopping to take pictures.

We chatted for a while over a beer and arranged to met latter for dinner. Late dinner (8.30) and eventually bed at 10.45!

Fitbit stats: 2880 ft vertical, 5643 cals. , 22.2 k, 27769 steps.

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