10th. Sept. Kebnekaise to Nikkaluokta. 19k., 5 hours.

We woke above the clouds!

Set off at 8. An hour later we were below the cloud. It was warm and still enough that we did not needed coats which was nice. Indeed we registered our second complete day without rain. Though the low cloud meant that we still did not get the full benefit of the scenery. The path was the usual combination of rocks, bridges and walkways, but generally easier going than we were used to so we were able to pound along at a reasonable clip.

We stopped for lunch part 1 close by where there’s a ferry service down a long lake beside the trail and part 2 6k on at the ferry dock st the other end of the lake in time to see the morning ferry arrive.

We did not stop for a moose burger at Lap Donald’s, sorry Danalds!

Nor a reindeer steak at the fancy nearby Cafe.

From here the trail improved markedly, even being gravelled in some places. We met several groups who were obviously walking the 6k from the village at the end of the trail to have lunch at the cafe, they included a wizened Sami grandmother and a couple with a very small dog.

Nikkaluokta had a nice Cafe come boutique shop come art gallery where we had first a cup of tea and later a whiskey flavoured ice cream.

We had a 4 hour wait for our bus to Kiruna. We inquired about the cost of a taxi but it was over 10 times the cost of the bus so we dropped that idea. However after three hours a taxi van sped in and offered individual seats at only slightly more than the bus fare, so eight of us piled in and off we went. The taxi driver was good delivering us all to our individual hotels.

Colin looked at hotel’s menu and decided we would use the hostels excellent cooking faculties instead. So we marched off to the local supermarket and brought supplies and did just that. Then bed by 9.30.
Fitbit stats: 26.5k., 770ft vertical, 33441 steps, 4838 cals.

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