29th. Sept. Icmeler 

3.20pm. Well here I am, and in my mind I still don’t know how this is going to go. I got to Marmaris late last night after driving, flying, and finally taking a local bus and then a taxi from the bus depot tony hotel. The bus was only $7 for an hour trip, compared to $80 for a taxi, however I did have to wait an hour, the busses are only scheduled to met people off domestic flights, tourists are all met by tour or hotel busses, or subject to taxi touts.

Any way, checked in, had a cliff bar and slept.

Work slightly early so decided to try sketching this view from my balcony.

It went reasonably well until I decided to try and give it some colour via water colour wash. First I don’t think the paper is right for it, and second I seem to have a very heavy hand. With colour.

After this I had a small explore before breakfast. Found hotel was very close to the central, and very large, veg market, a vegetarians dream. This picture does not show its size, approx a square with 40m sides, solid with rows of vendors.

This was followed by a nice Turkish breakfast at the hotel. 

At 9.30 I set off to explore Marmaris and then to walk here. I found my way to the yacht harbour, where else did you expect and saw the usual range of boats, including this old friend.

Then I started the walk along the water front to here. It’s the end of the season here so while there are still plenty of tourists it is not packed to the gills and so quite pleasant to walk through. It is definitely a beach resort with lots of nice Hotels, appartment buildings and restaurants lining the sea front. Mid morning I stopped for a very nice ice cream, a mix of lemon and pistachio, and by 12 I was just outside Icmeler so stopped for lunch in a restaurant with a great view and which caught the light sea breeze that had just started.

It was here, after sending Tina a snap of the view that I got a message from Bell. That I had used 80% of my roaming data allowance. An allowance I had hoped would last my 4 weeks burnt through in just one! 

After a leasurely beer and grilled chicken salad found my way here to the Hotel Private. Checked in showered and then went to find the beginning of the trail. I followed it until it hit the hills. It looks, as advertised, rocky.

Back here, dealt with roaming issue, I hope, had a swim and now writing this while drying out and working up a thirst for the buy one get one free cocktails. Is 4.00 too early?

OK what am I worried about re tomorrow’s walk. Well it was 33 C today with only slight cooling breeze and not a cloud in the sky. I managed the walk here ok but it was flat and smooth under foot. But I still had hot feet. Tomorrow should be no greater distance but it is going to be rocky with a fair bit of vertical and my pack is heavy enough I am going to notice it going uphill.  However it does start under trees so that might help . One thing I don’t have to worry about is accomodation as that is booked . It’s the next day that I really start into the unknown.

Ok cocktail time.

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