30th. Turunc. 3 hours. 1200ft vertical

Left around 8.30. Found the trail well engineered and way marked until the very end. Very glad to be doing the initial climb in the cool of the morning. Soon got to a nice look out over Icmeler and,in the distance, Marmaris.

Soon saw my first flower. Colin style I had to snap it, plus I needed another break.

Mainly walking through pine forests or low scrub. The latter was a pain. Occasional low trees, some even making me resort to crawling. At one point I got caught round the throat by a strangling creeper. 

this on had me on my knees

Finally I got high enough to have a great view south east to Lycia. The high pointed mountain, if visible , is on the Lycian way and has a cable car up it.

Shortly after this I started the descent down into Turunc and this is. Where I lost the trail. The first time I just was not sure where it went. My GPS soon showed me the way. The second time I was so far off trail it was not worth back tracking uphill, sand beside the gps showed I was on a legitimate track so I keep with it and exited the forest through a cemetery, and was soon down by the sea.

I found my way to my hotel at the back of town. 

I must have been a bit of a sight cause they asked if I had had a fall. No I said, just had to crawl I bit. What about the ring of blood round your throat? Apparently the strangler had drawn blood! Any way they gave me a towel and showed me to a washroom before checking me in. I think I am the only guest tonight. Tourism is really down this year.

After a shower and doing my laundry I came down town walked the front and settled here ( trip advisor no 2 restaurant in town) for a grilled fish lunch and use the wifi.

It is too hot for walking in the afternoon so I am looking for ways to continue to do half stages for a while, at least until Wednesday when a cold front is meant to come through.

Enough, time to go for a swim and see if I can some of the turtles that are said to frequent this beach.

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