1st. Oct. Amos & Kumlubuk. 3hrs. 1000ft vertical. ~ 6k

Left at 8 after good nights sleep and breakfast. Over breakfast did a quick sketch of hills and their reflection in the swimming pool. No color this time.

The trail was a bit easier than the first day, less ducking and grabbing plants. Still well way marked, especially appreciated were the many red crosses early on indicating which animal paths not to follow.

Lovely old twisted olive tree at start of trail

The trail passed a deserted (?) farm 

Only one tree across the path today, and no crawling required, I went over it.

A nice view back

An hours effort saw me at the col and a view into the next bay.

and 40 minutes later at the entrance to Amos.

Note the mixture of periods

Lots of steps up to the main attractions, the theatre and the view.

Then down the hill and along the beach to my hotel, the cheapest of the three luxury hotels here. Very nice, they have upgraded me to a suite with a sea view.

The view from my balcony

Usual laundry and shower, then lunch where I discovered a drawback to this Eden, it is plagued with wasps. 12 joined me for lunch. Ah well. Tomorrow I leave the sea and this luxury behind and head off inland to Bayir.

2 thoughts on “1st. Oct. Amos & Kumlubuk. 3hrs. 1000ft vertical. ~ 6k”

  1. I to love your update Michael; especially about the wasps!!! Definitely not my kind of Eden… I hope you enjoy the next part of your trip. So far it doesn’t look like you’re roughing it! 🙂

    Great photos! Beautiful scenery!


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