2nd. Oct. Beyir 15k, 25362 steps, 1830 ft vertical.

A tough rough day. Though it was a pretty dawn. 

It started at around 1 when I woke with a raging thirst. The cause soon became apparent as an attack of stomach flu aka runny tummy, aka diahria made its self known. I was finally through with it by about 4 and got another couple of hours sleep. On waking I took an Imodium and a dose of rehydration salts. Breakfast was meant to be served at 8, but it was 9 before the bread arrived. I drank two very large glasses of peach juice but really did not have an appitite for anything more. 

Or now what to do? Stay or go? I went. Leaving my lovely suite. The bed room was much too nice so I slept on the couch.

 Apart from feeling low energy and slightly queasy I saw no reason not to. So off I went. Another nice trail with great views. Somebody had dragged a chain saw out with them which made the going much easier in the many places where trees had fallen across the path.

Passed an ancient olive grinding stone and some nice ruins and some great views.

I met a Turkish couple foraging for wild sage, good for tea I learnt later. I passed through a small holding complete with twenty or so goats.

I was hot, so I was drinking lots, I had set out with 3.5 l and drank 2.5. I took a couple of naps along the way, usually waking with bees buzzing in my ears!

Despite travelling very slowly with frequent stops I made it to a major time check where the trail joined a road for a while, only 30 mins longer than the 5.45 hrs suggested. However I was beat. So instead of following the trail when it next headed into the brush, I stuck to the road for its easier walking and the possibility of hitching a ride. About half way to here I struck lucky and a local dolmus picked me up saving at least an other hours of hard labour. I got here at 4, so 7 hrs on the trail. I don’t think I will be doing that again any time soon, or at least not until my stomach is better and the temperature drops 5 degrees.

Here, Beyir, is a funny little village, full of tourists who come to see a 2000 year old tree, but who melt away to other villages with hotels.

Altay, my contact amongst the Carian Trail developers, and a constant support, had arranged for me to be put up by Mehmet who runs a local tea house. His usual room was not available so I thought I would be camping in his back yard, but instead he has unwrapped a new bed in a glass pavilion, so I should be good tonight, if somewhat on public display.

No shower, used public lav, fortunately they had one western loo to compliment the two squatters.

A very light supper and then early to bed. Was woken once in the night by strange russling and flapping noises. A rather disoriented bat (non vampire thank goodness). 

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