3rd. Oct. Sogut Koyo ~12k, 1000ft vertical. 4 hrs.

I cheated again today, hitching the last third of the hike. It was very hot again and very little shade on the way. But back to the beginning.

I woke feeling much better, I even managed a little breakfast, some gorgeous bread butter and local honey. It turns out my host is a honey entrepreneur as well as ex sailor, and owning a lot of the village and a pier at the local bay.

After breakfast I set off, up hill as usual, but a shorter hill than usual. Here is a view back to the village from half way up.

Easy than average walking and at the top of the hill I strode on, missing a sharp right turn. Spot the “X” I missed.

Any way, after 10 mins or so on a very clear and well used path I suddenly realized I had not seen a way mark for a while. Checking with the gps confirmed I was 45 degrees of course. I looked at the contours of the land and contemplating bushwacking across to the next valley, but common sense prevailed. In total I lost about 30mins, but on the other hand I did met some nice goats I would otherwise have missed.

The rest to the walk was through some fairly rugged open terrain, 

though the path was generally good and easy to follow. So after 2 1/2 hrs I reached the place where the trail met a main road and traveled along it for 3k. While the road, like most of the trail, offered no shade from the sun, at least it had a breeze which was nice.

I reached the turnoff into the scrub in good time and rested a while a a deserted refreshment stop. Decision time, another 3 hours of Rock hopping in the noonday sun, or hitch hike. The hitch won. I was soon picked up by a friendly business man on his way back to his village. The summer drought here has been bad. His village has no water so we stopped to fill three large canisters at a local cistern before he dropped me off quite close to here. Incidentally Beyir, where I spent the night had a similar water issue, the mains supply only running 2 hrs a day, and the local spring being the main source for all the villagers.

Anyway he may have dropped me off close but it was a long way down, but the view was tremendous.

Also more water down here as is evidenced by the flowers, and the pressure in my shower.

The penison is small but very nice.

The pool was a delight. After laundry, a shower, a dip, a awkward but ultimately successful conversation with mine hostess via Google translate  I went down to the seashore for a very light lunch and to continue to admire the view.

One thought on “3rd. Oct. Sogut Koyo ~12k, 1000ft vertical. 4 hrs.”

  1. Wow! This view is tremendous! Pictures that you’re taking are just gorgeous… Thank you so much for sharing your adventures! Glad that you’re having a good time.

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