4th. Oct. Beyir road to Taslica via Bahceli and on to Sogut Koyu. 15k. 6hrs 30mins. 1700 ft vertical up, 3100 down.

A long hot day with some tremendous views and a very rough trail, made fractionally easier  by not having my full pack on.

After the usual Turkish breakfast my host drove me to where I stopped hiking yesterday. For once my day did not start with me walking up a hill.  At least not straight away. The walk started with the same type of rough terrain as yesterday. Here’s looking back to the road I have just left.

Then up a very steep rise and suddenly there was the sea.

More great views followed.

Then it was back inland to the village of Bahceli. The out to the coast again. Passed a ruined castle.

Then great views again.

By this time the sun was high and hot and for trail had no shade for the first 45 mins of this section so arriving at this tree was very welcome.

However got lost leaving it. Cow tracks in every direction. Out with the gps, not for the first time and nor the last. Fortunately today, no 15 minute delays in recognizing the need.

Too soon the trail turned away from the sea again and thereafter it was just rough trail to deal with, but at least it was generally downhill.

At Taslica i stopped at the village shop and brought a litre of fruit juice and sat in the square drinking it. About 30 of the local men were in the square chatting with their friends in different groups.

After cooling down and rehydrating I continued the last 3 k  down to here on an excellently engineered and mercifully rough rock free track.

4 thoughts on “4th. Oct. Beyir road to Taslica via Bahceli and on to Sogut Koyu. 15k. 6hrs 30mins. 1700 ft vertical up, 3100 down.”

  1. Glad you are sketching and painting. We need Kirsty to show us how to be less heavy with colour!
    Please don’t stop the blog, paying for wi-fi/raoming charges is totally worth it!
    Given the heat, why not reduce distances or stay put and take local hikes?
    Did you ever find any turtles?
    What makes a goat a nice one?
    Dawn and sunset photos are works of art. Apparently 2000 year old trees are almost sacred, planted by Ottomans?
    Yay for Google translate! Are there still some Brits holidaying i Turkey?
    Hope you recover soon.
    Much love,T


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