6th. Oct. Bozburum, 11k., 4.5hrs. 500ft vertical.

A much easier day ending up in a nice place.

After a leasurely breakfast and packing my rucksack again, I said good bye to my hosts for the last three days and hit the trail about 8.30. 

As an experiment I set my GPS to record my track in for when I lost the trail again. I did not need it for quotes while. 

The first section of the hike was along the beach, round/over a point, and then across another beach to a small marina.

Looking back early on.

I passed a tomb with a pyramidal roof and some obviously old building blocks.

I stopped at the marina and brought a cold water and a banana for later. Chatted to a group of Danes on a cat. 

The last day of their charter, back to Marmaris today – and it took me a week to walk here!

There were gullets all over the place, in varies stages of construction.

Then on the the end of the bay and the start of the day’s climb. Moored at the end of the bay was a gulet looking very attractive.

Up a steep hill and then a long gradual with an easy to follow trail. Then it suddenly disappeared in low scrub at the edge of a steep descent down to a road by the sea. Finally found it and from there on it was straightforward.

Bozburum is a centre for boat building and repair, as became obvious on the walk into town.

I had booked a cheap place to stay but didn’t like the look of it so I carried on by. I stopped a a tiny empty  restaurant on the front advertising mojitos to mull my options and have some lunch. One nice tuna salad and a mojito later I was chatting to to two groups of Turks who had come in after me. One set were retired general and their wives (not recently) the other were 2 well dressed middle aged ladies, one of whom had been all overCanada following her daughter as she learnt English and found various jobs. Their he had hiked part of the Lycian trail. All interested in what I was doing, were you were, etc. In the end they pointed out the the restaurant had rooms to let. Not expecting much I was led out back through the kitchen to a patio on the other side of which was a new building with suites to rent. Enormous, clean, well furnished. Mine for 100TL, a bargain and cheaper than what I had just cancelled.
The off to explore. It’s a nice little town, with actual fresh fruit for sale. Serhan had texted me a list of Gulets to look out for. I found one of them, went aboard at the invite of the captain and looked it over. It would do for next years cruise, but so would many others. Still it is nice to see in person so to speak, rather than reliving on photos.

Then I found a lounger on the sea front, swam and wrote most of this. It’s a tough life.

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