7th. Oct. Selimiye. 8.1k. 2hrs 45 mins. 700 ft vertical.

I left Bozburum late, almost 10.30, despite being up since 7. On waking I thought to check what time breakfast was: 9. – 11. . What to do? I couldn’t just leave as I hadn’t paid. But short day planned no no real time pressure. Tried to pass time on Internet only to find it had been shut down overnight. Went for a stroll around town. A few other early risers but not many. Back to room packed all but last few items, dawdled. It was after 9 when the non English speaking waiter turned up to open up. Got tea. No offer of anything else.

Great room, food and price, but not morning people

Here are some pictures of the suite

The fridge meant that i had a cold drink all morning.

Then a couple of Australians arrived looking for accomodation. Waiter sidetracked into dealing with them, calling out a woman I had never seen before to help. Then the two nice ladies from yesterday appeared, with vegetables, and waiter made them breakfast. I got them into the act, found my bill, paid it and left without any breakfast. Pissed off.

Picked up some water and a couple of bananas at one of the now long since open stores, and set off, hoping to get up the inevitable hill before it got too hot. I was sort of successful. A steady hours walk got me this view looking back. Remarkably I barely had to use the GPS.

Then at the top this development.

After that I was on an easy to follow track all the way down. On the way down the track enter sweet smelling pines and passed  a water source.

Then the village and the bay came in view.

When I got to the waters edge I stopped at a hotel to look at the water and got ripped off for the price of an iced tea. Then on into the village and here, one of the places recommended by Altay. Got a room, knocked down from 200 to 130 TL ($55) No charm required. Room #1! Changed, had a quick swim and then a seafood salad for a late lunch.

After lunch I went for a walk along the waterfront into the village proper. Lots of nice boutique clothes and local crafts. No joy arranging boat/ snorkelling for tomorrow, nobody around to arrange it with, but took a flyer and have texted and emailed him so who knows. Will probably stay here tomorrow anyway. Got over heated on this stroll, despite ice cream, and came back here in bad mood, since dissipated by gin and tonic and a nice meal.

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