8th. Oct. Day off in Selimiye

It’s going to be hard to pick today’s photographs. No walking today, instead I went on a boat excursion which was excellent.

We left at 10 and got back at 6. We stopped many times to swim, and for a grilled fish lunch, but the highlight was a visit to “Church Island”. This did not look much as we approached it, but when you climb up to it and discover it’s decorated trees, mosaics, ruined windows for framing shots, and it’s goats, it is a delightful surprise. Any where are some pictures from the day in roughly chronological order.

Leaving harbour
Clouds building up on the mountains

Church Island

I think I have tomorrow sorted. If I stick to the trail then I have a 20k, 8hr, 6000ft vertical day into those clouds seen piling up in that direction, and then back down again, or I can keep this side of the mountains and take a bus which in about 20mins will take me to where the section ends, but still requires 3 hours to get to the next accomodation. The bus does leave till 10 so I can have a nice leasurely breakfast.

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