10th. Oct. Mesudiye to Palamutbuku 8k 2hrs 45 mins. 1100 ft vertical. 

A much easier day today. A late morning with breakfast at a small restaurant just before the main road. 10 am dolmus to Mesudiye arriving at this pretty sea side town about 10.30. 

There is a coast road between these two villages but after passing a beach 

And going thru a village the trail goes up to balcony above and follows along above the road until descending at a start of the long beach that is Palamutbuku. A relatively easy walk with great views once the balcony had been reached. 

A little trouble finding the start of the way down again, not coming down was definitely not as pleasant as going up. 

Pretty hot and sticky by the time I got down so stopped for lunch and a cool down at the first place on the beach. After which I continued along the village front to the small harbour at the other end of the beach ( about a k). The front was made attractive by an almost continuous line if trees at the top of the beach under which many cafes and restaurants had seating places. 

Not many people around, just a few. Many, but all, of the hotels and restaurants were closed. It was a beautiful day but with an afternoon temperature of 33C I was quite glad I had not planned to walk any further.

I caught the 3 o’clock dolmus back here. Swam in the pool and read a Morse in the late afternoon sun while sipping a beer. A nice afternoon.

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