11th. Oct. to Knidos and its lighthouse. 11k. 990ft vertical.

After breakfast I was driven to a beach about 5.5k from Knidos from where I started hiking. ( about 10.20)

A very nice hike, first along the shore,

and then striking inland to cut across a small peninsula. On the way passed a large arable area scattered with buildings with obvious ancient and more modern parts, as well as bits of ancient walls and foundations.

In the middle of a field was an old round cistern, a fine example, but completely dry.

After that it was up a small valley and suddenly there was the lighthouse.

A longish traverse round the end of a mountain brought me out above the ruins of Knidos. It was a big place. No one photo can show it all so here are a couple of highlights.

I spent some time looking around and then carried on to the lighthouse.

After the lighthouse I returned to the restaurant by the gate to the ruins and had lunch. Over lunch chatted to two young but very experienced German hikers who are on the trail. Camping. Then sat at sketched while waiting for my ride back to arrive. ( 3.30pm)

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