12th. Oct. to Domuzcukuru and return. 12k., 3 hrs 45mins., 1450 ft ascent and descent. 

A trip to the seaside and back.

To avoid a 20 k round trip I was given a transfer to within about 5 k of the beach and we agreed a time to pick me up in the afternoon. 2hrs Altay reckoned to the beach, turned out 1 hr 20 was all I needed.

It had tried to rain over night, and was overcast when we left but the skies soon lightened. Most of the trail was on forestry roads, some newly broadened. 

Mostly thru pine woods. As I got closer to the coast the views started appearing, and then the bay which was my final destination. 

The final descent was on a nice gradient path. All well way marked so no route finding issues. On this descent I met two Ukranians coming up, with their dog! They looked tough but hot and tired.

By the bay is a deserted and now delabidated resort with a caretaker/hermit called Mosses (well that’s the anglized version). I was imagining a 60 yr old white bearded gent. Turns out he is a fit, if long haired, well tanned 30 yr old. He offered me coffee and water, so I am told he was having one of his better days. His cell phone seemed to be ringing for him constantly.

He wasn’t around when I first reached the beach. He only appeared for the far rocks after I had had my first swim and had started my sketching. He has chickens, solar panels and a small rib so he can go round the courner to Datca easily to pick up liquor and other supplies.

I sketched and ate two bars ( I discovered early that morning that my ziplock bag full of nuts, raisins and the like had been invaded by tiny ants and had decided to junk them, so there went my emergency supplies, bar bars). I swam again and then made my way back up the hill.

I was early to the rendezvous- vous and so kept walking.  Just before 3pm I was met on the road and given a lift the final few k back here (Climbing Datca Camping). On the way we picked up my host and hostess who had been out climbing. The climbing here includes this spectacular cave.

Then back for shower, laundry, swim and a beer.

On to Bodrum tomorrow is the plan.

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