14th and 15th Oct. Final walk, to Pedasa 3 hrs 15 min. 12k. 1500 ft ascent, 1250ft descent – to dolmus.

I did little on Friday except the underwater archaeology museum, a must if you are ever in this part of the world. The finds from the Bronze Age ship wreck are spectacular and then there are two other wrecks as well. All set the Bodrum castle. Apart from that I wandered the town, found the bus station and brought my ticket out of here for Monday, had an excellent sea food dinner in the restaurant right next door to my hotel. Not cheap, but good.

The today I decided to do a final hike. Started about 9. On the sea front I met this strange bird. His expression reminded me a bit of Marvin.

The route took me passed an old theatre

and  I was soon rising above the city. 

Eventually the climbing stopped leaving me with this view while I got my breath back.

An undulating section followed, mainly of forestry roads, though there was one section which was overgrown path. Fortunately bathe waymarks were in good order through this part.

I eventually saw that I thought were the ruins I was heading for. Fortunately I did not try to bushwacking to them because they were not my final destination, this was.

It is nice old ruin. They have built stairs up to it so it is quite accessible.

It has been partially excavated and is nice to wander around. I got to the tower

But the views were not very good because of all the trees that have grown round the site.

After my explore I set of down the road to modern civilization. I was wondering why the site was called the acropolis when I came to the old town. Another fair sized site, the photo doesn’t do it justice,  but not one I paused at to explore.

It was then on down the hill on a good road, I had obviously come in the back way, down into the suburbs, until I was able to catch a dolmus back into town ready for a good lunch so I treated myself to some lamb chops.

The rest of the afternoon passed in idleness.

Tomorrow I am taking another boat trip. I hope it is going to be warm enough to swim, to day the wind was strong and cold from the north. Well it seemed cold to me on the top of the hills, though I was just in shorts and a short sleeved shirt. We shall see. After that it back to the UK and then Canada. I hope you have enjoyed coming along with me.


6 thoughts on “14th and 15th Oct. Final walk, to Pedasa 3 hrs 15 min. 12k. 1500 ft ascent, 1250ft descent – to dolmus.”

  1. Mike, thoroughly enjoyed following your journey in both countries. With the pictures and commentary I was able to follow you on the maps that I have. Dennis


    1. Yes, that’s the end of the blog for now. My next tasks are 1. To add maps and 2. Try and make an entry page with an explanation and an index of the entries. Oh and do some more proof reading as you suggest.


  2. Just 2 villages down the road from me lives Dr.med.vet Maria Weinmann (43) who is also into long-distance hiking, Mike. She and her fiance´ are just off to NZ to walk Te Araroa, the length of NZ, 3000 kms, 5 months. Last year they hiked from Mexico to Canada!

    Read all about it in her blog at https://mariaelfe.com/


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