The Drystone Route Mallorca –  Day 1

  1. Port d’Andratx to col do Gramola

19k 3400 ft vertical 5 hrs 45 mins with an hours break for lunch with Tina at St. Elm.

Day was split in two with a nice lunch stop in St. Elm. The route was generally easy to find. I must say I like navigating by GPS. It automatically  shows you were you are relative to your desired track, while  with paper maps the first question is “where the hell are we?”. The frequent breaks to consult it force in rest breaks. The first section used a track for much of the ascents, but had a rough steep descent. After lunch it was the reverse. It was slow steep and rough going up, so much so that I thought I would be late for my rendezvous with Tina, but suddenly the last 4 k turned into a nice track and we arrived simultaneously at the rendezvous. Great views all along the route as it is generally quite high above the sea. The weather was good through out. I converted by pants to shorts very early on, and was hiking in just a long sleeved shirt.

Leaving Port d’Andratx

Looking back

Goats … if you look closely

Easy track

Less easy!
Tina at lunch


First look north along the coast

Sunset from our hotel balcony

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