Day 2 Col do Gramola to Banyalbufar

22.4 k 6h 30m, 2970 ft vertical

Today had a bit of every thing, road walking, an uphill slog, nice traverses and easy down hill tracks. I had not meant to do this stage as the web site and guidebooks advised against it do to property disputes. However a new guidebook was published just before I left which made no mention of these difficulties so, despite having to drive back to the start, and it going tone a long day, I went for it. 

We had a late start as we were now staying an extra night in the hotel and had to change rooms. We eventually got to the start of the hike about 10am. A large group of hikers there were blocking the entrance to the parking spot, fortunately they were going in the other direction. 

The hike started with 2k of downhill road walking, then an hour of solid uphill walking. My legs did not seem to have the spring in them they had had the previous day and it seemed like hard work. But I gradually got to find my comfortable pace. A lot of this uphill was on rock, from cairn to cairn.  I imagine this the dry stone the route is named after.

Some interesting navigational issues, but by and large I did not have to resort to the gps very often. 

The views really opened up as I went up.After the ascent was a long traversing descent which eventually met up with a track which really sped this up. In fact I was on track until the village where I had arranged to met Tina, around 3pm, for a late lunch.

After lunch I continues on for the last segment to Banyalbufar and our hotel. This is the segment where there had been a long standing dispute about access. Fortunately now resolved for it was after a bit of a climb, a lovely traverse through pine woods. It skirted the lovely house whose grounds took up a significant part of the walk. The a steep descent down a well maintained path into the village.

Dry stone!

The view from near the top

High altitude thrashing circle

Easy high altitude walking

A group of Germans descending from a scramble .. if you look closely enough

An easy track down

No idea how this got here. It is, I think, the top of a cement truck.

View from afternoon walk

The trail

More trail

Final view back long the coast

That’s it. Time for bed.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 Col do Gramola to Banyalbufar”

  1. You pick very nice routes that have great photo opportunities! Michale this looks very pleasant hiking! Enjoy!


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