Day 4 Valldemossa to Deia

Official 13.5 k, 1900 ft ascent, 2855 ft descent.

Fitbit says 17.5 k and 2680 ft ascent.

An shorter day today but quite strenuous. I woke feeling like having a lie in, but after a great breakfast I felt more energized and off we went. Tina drove me back into Valldemossa and after picking up a sandwich for lunch I set off following my GPS. Unfortunately it was taking either a short cut or an old route. Fortunately this became clear sooner rather than later . I was then left with the decision whether to follow the gps or the guidebook. I choose the latter. ( the short cut looked very steep.) Various archeological sites on the way up, lime kilns, charcoal burning sites and a snow hole for storing snow/ice for use in the winter. Any way it worked out well, and 2 hours later, on schedule, I was in the ridge. Very windy up there, I had to carry my hat at times to save losing it.

I nice traverse a long the ridge line with views down to Deia below. Then a very long, steep descent down into the village.

Sign post where I had to make my choice

Snow hole
View back down valley I had hiked up
Me at the ridge
Deia, and clouds, below
Starting down
Looking back at the cliff I had just come down by, the ramp is at the very top left of the photo

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