Day 6 Fornalutx to Embassament de Cuber

12k, 3.5 hrs, 2970 ft vertical 

A much shorter day today. I thought it would be longer given the vertical involved, I reckoned on 5 hrs as did the signage, but the easy well paved donkey trail and fit legs cruised me up quickly and easily. 

The observant of you might be asking why I did not start at Soller. Well, 1. Soller is a large town. 2. We had discovered that the next natural stop, the refuge at Tossals Verds, could only we booked by Internet, and they needed at least 4 days notice. We were too late for this so we decided to stay two nights in the Soller area, and that Tina would ferry me back and forth to starting and finishing points where the trail crossed at major road. Fornaltx seemed a nice comprise place to stay. So while today was short, tomorrow is going to be long. 8 hrs according to the book.

We have found a nice apartment in Formalutx. So this morning, rather than drive down into Soller, I walked twenty minutes or so down to Biniraix where I joined the trail and started uphill.

It is just as well I walked rather than getting Tina to drive me down to where I should have started in Soller as there was a running race happening that morning up the same trail. I walked on to the trail, past police on motor bikes blocking vehicular access, just as the last of the runners were making their way past.

An 1h 30 mins saw the worst to the climb over. On the way a met a group who were going canyoning, and a group of three Brits over for a long weekend, repeating what they had done last September. I finished the hike in their company. They were going on to Lluc which is what I am ding tomorrow. But another 6hrs on. Instead I had a very pleasant afternoon with Tina.

A look back down from very early on

2000ft of vertical mostly on this sort of trail went very quickly

Photo taken by canyoneers towards top to hike

Turned a corner at what looked like the col only to find this wall in front to be surmounted

The finishing line awaits

Awaiting the final finishers

The view down to Cuber reservoir.

I met Tina at the other end of the reservoir.

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