Day 7 Cuber to Lluc

About 15 k on the trail. 2400 ft ascent, 2855ft descent. 4hrs 45 mins.

Another brilliant day. Not a cloud to be seen. Just as well a lot of the hike was below the tree line or I would be much more than the pink I am currently.

After a quick walk before breakfast walk into the village for a baguette, very continental, we a had a leasurely breakfast, packed up and left the apartment that had been our home for two nights and drove to where Tina had picked me up the previous afternoon. 

Tina seeing me off

There followed the usual 2hr hike to the first col. the walk started by running long side a concrete water channel in which the water was decidedly hurrying along. 

This part also had nice views over another reservoir below.

The trail shortly left the channel and struck steeply uphill. Most of the climb was below the tree line with not much to be seen, though one interesting feature was the precision of the estimates of the hike duration on the sign post … to the minute.

One the way up I passed two couples with whom I had chatted/walked for bits of previous days on the trail.

After the standard 2 hours I reached the first col and its great views.

View looking back

View looking ahead

I stopped here for almost 1/2 hr having lunch and airing my feet. Then it was on. Down a bit and then up a lot more for more great views.

Then it was time for the long descent.

Soon I was down in the woods again and not much to see. The trail got progressively easier as I approached the end, allowing a relaxed end to the hike.

Spanish moss?

Met up with Tina. Had an Ice cream, checked into our cell, a shower, a wander around the monestry gardens, a G and T and now this. A good day.


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