July 10. Red Lodge Montana

I’m here a backpacking light trek of 4 days and 3 nights in the Beartooth mountains at the top end of Yellowstone park. Because a lot of the hiking is at over 10,000 ft I decided to come a few days early to acclimatize. I arrived yesterday and today went on my first hike. 25 k or so, 2200ft of vertical, climbing up to 9300ft along the “west creek”. I was tired when I turned round to go back down. More training needed!

 It was a pretty walk, mostly alongside a rushing creek. We have been warned that creek crossings are part of the trekking experience/training. I just hope that we don’t have to attempt this creek.

This one had bridges on the trail I was using.

While the sky was mostly as blue as shown above we did have a good thunderstorm complete with torrrntial rain and hail. Fortunately it only lasted 20 minutes or so, and I had practiced getting into my poncho in a hurry just a few weeks ago.

In the morning before leaving I went downtown Red Lodge and brought an anti bear spray. Glad to say I did not have to use it. The only animals I saw were a couple of chipmunks.

On the way down, before the thunderstorm, I stopped by this lake to finish my lunch and for a quick dip. Cold? Yes, but bareable for a minute or so. Then dried off in the sun before setting off down the hill again.

Fitbit stats for whole day: 32.6k, 40,700 steps, 2260 ft vertical, 6,200 cals.

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