Monday July 10th

Last night I met up with another hike participant, J, would had just arrived after driving from South Carolina. We had dinner together and the today we drove up the Beartooth pass and did a little hike up where the air is clear , and noticeable thinner.

On the way up we stopped at a lookout with tremendous views over to where we will be hiking, if the guides don’t think there is too much snow. Here is a view up the valley.

And here one across to where we might be going.

Looks pretty snowy to me!

We then continued up to the Wyoming boarder and were greeted with a view of the Tetons (?)

We then backtracked a bit to our trailhead. On the way we stopped and got a view of the lakes we were going to visit.

( sorry the snow has thrown of the black white balance, but the lakes are there if you look carefully)

We did not see the trail on the way down which was across a high meadow of wild flowers.

At first we could not see the lakes below us, but suddenly there they were.

The previous picture of them was taken from the crest above the snow field above the lakes.

The lakes when we got down to them were delightful and not another person to be seen.

We set of to see if we could circumnavigate them. We got a good way but in the end decided it was a bit to far and backtracked. We stopped for lunch and a nap. I was just about to go for a quick dip when two ladies from Sacromento with there three dogs appeared. The dogs were having a wonderful time.

We then made our way, slowly, back up the hill to J’s car. In the distance we could see the afternoon thunderstorm making its way towards us.

We comfortable you beat it back to Red Lodge were it made a brief appearance.

Fit stats (to 5 pm) 8.5k, 870 ft vertical, 3100 Cals 

One thought on “Monday July 10th”

  1. Wow! Snow in July! Now I’ve seen it all! I guess the temperature is spring-like? I bet that lake was really cold!! good thing you didn’t go for a dip? Or were you hot at that point ?
    Thank you for the photographs, the views are excellent! Glad you have someone to hike with now :when does the course start today?
    All the best, and happy travels,


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