Feb 15th 2018. Day 2 of our Mexican adventure.

Slept an almost solid 10hrs. Much needed, but meant for a latest start, almost 11 before we set off up the road. Misty again this morning but it was obviously going to burn off quickly. So we set off, accompanied as yesterday with two of the dogs from our compound.

The first climb we were aiming for was occupied again so plan b come to play and I led a 5.7 “Bazookered in Monterrey “. A nice slab with plenty of rest spots, but often had to work out where to go next.

With three of use leading it it took a fair time so it was followed by late lunch.

Then we crossed the canyon to the Mini Super Wall and “Buddy are you going to eat that” a 5.8. Actually Dave started on “Exsqueeze Me” and a third of the way up transitioned to Buddy.

Dave had major problems route finding, so I was scared to follow, but follow I did with only minor problems.

Then G also top roped it.

After which we repaired to Edgardo’s for Margaritas and chat. Edgardos is a major disincentive to climbing late into the afternoon.

While sipping our margaritas saw this person on top to one of the spires.

After two margaritas we rolled down the hill.

Very social evening meant we were late (11) to bed.

One thought on “Feb 15th 2018. Day 2 of our Mexican adventure.”

  1. Very enjoyable looking at your photos and reading the blog! Thanks so much Michael!! hi Dave, hi Geraldine! I hope you’re having fun! I wish I was there!
    Missing you


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