Feb 16th. Day 3

Not a good nights sleep, and apparently I was snoring enough to drive David out to the couch. Any way we made a slightly earlier start. Nice sky shadows on the hike in.

A nicer weather morning. Started on another 5.7 ” Slip of the Tongue” . I bailed at the crux and Dave finished it off and then I did it on top rope. Then G climbed and cleaned it.

After lunch we moved to the Canyon dos Lobos and another 5.7, El Cachorro. A very nice climb, but as usual a bit worrying for the first to climb it, not knowing exactly what to expect.

Anyway here is me at the top.

After this both Dave and I needed a major toilet break so we went back to the house admiring the flowers on the way.

Ablusions complete, but it still being early, we decided , rather than returning to the crag the go back down to Hiladgo and replenish our supplies.

Here’s a good picture of the road down to town.

Then back for showers, Guac and scotch, and out for dinner at the Posada.

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