Feb 17th Day 4

Woke to another lovely morning. Made an even earlier start. We left with the usual accompaniment of two of the local dogs who have adopted us.

We went back to Canyon dos Lobos and got in 5 nice climbs over the day.

Here are some photos from the day

So far G has been cleaning all the climbs, so at the end of the day gave David a refresher on cleaning and rappelling.

Considering all the climbing we did we all felt good at the end of the day. Our hands are in good order though mine have numerous minor abrasions on the backs of the hands and forearms.

I haven’t been taking my usual pre climbing Tylenol and until yesterday afternoon doing well without them. But on the scramble down from the climbs at the end of the day they started hurting. So today I took 2 in the morning and had no problems all day.

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