Feb 19th. Family day in Canada

Another day not quite as planned, but ok nonetheless.

David was ready at 8 to go off multi-pitching with the Texans again and G and I had a series of climbs in mind. Well shortly after 8 two very bleary Texans appeared to make their apologies. They drank to much last night so climbing was out of the question, breakfast was next for them followed perhaps by a couple easy climbs and then the hot springs. Actually I believe they would have trouble looking breakfast in the eye.

So around just before 10 David and I set off with G to met us a bit later. As usual the Potrero looked fantastic in the early morning light.

We went to the easiest area to rendez-vous. G joined use almost immediately having got a lift.

We jumped on a 5.8 Chikibaby.

Here is G just finishing it showing how little extra rope we had for it, a full rope length climb it.

My knee gave me some problems, but not as bad as yesterday.

We had a stuck rope when we cleaned up which caused a bit of work, but it was low down and fairly easily dealt with.

Then me moved back to Quick Draw McGraw which David had not yet been introduced to.

I did it once G and D twice, the second time being the hard way.

Then on to Joes garage, another 5.9. This was quickly abandoned when G encountered a snake by the first clip.

Then we moved to M. P. Mosh a 5.10b. I failed at the crux, but both G and D enjoyed it. D once, G twice, and Pol, and passing Dutchman also partook.

I then left for the house while D and G went back to an old favourite. I had arranged a lift down to town to pick up extra breakfast supplies.

So G had a super day having on sighted the 5.10b.

D, after being disappointed two mornings in row, had an ok day, just not what he hoped for, so far. But there is dancing later at one of the camp sites, so who knows.

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