Feb 20. Market day in Hidalgo

Ate late last night , but still up reasonably early and then down to the one of the two weekly markets in Hidalgo. Weather still warm but with much more high cloud.

We were lucky and got a lift both down and back up the hill to Hidalgo. Down with a lady who works at the new posh hotel just up the road. Back up with Jacques from Quebec who seems to be a much older than usual climbing bum. Ie living in his van and moving from one climbing site to another thru the year. We need to meet him again and get more of his story out of him.

The market seemed much quieter and restrained than I remembered it, but it is still set up for your shorter than average gringo and much ducking under guy ropes is still required.

At least for David and I, G had no such problems.

New since we were here last is El Buho cafe, a climbers hangout with excellent cookies, rooms to rent, and an artist in residence who is working on the murals.

A very neat place.

After our lift back up the hill , and lunch, we headed to the hill and got in two , not very straight forward 5.9’s on the Mini Super wall before it got dark on us and started raining. Here’s G on one of them.

So a slightly early return to the house than really desired, but who wants to climb in the rain!

3 thoughts on “Feb 20. Market day in Hidalgo”

  1. Hi Michael
    Looks interesting!
    I think the owl riding the raptor is kinda cool!
    Any more climbing photos? Looks like you’re having a great time! What kind of cookies? Also, buy anything at the market?
    Have fun tomorrow !


    1. I have added a picture of G on one of the climbs. Cookies: sort of shortbread with cardamom I think. G brought a bit of pumice, for dish scouring. Otherwise only fruit and veg.


  2. I had to look up what the number designations meant. Having absolutely no head for heights, I am amazed that you climb for fun.
    The photos of the climbs are great.


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