Thursday. A cold day in ….

Not such a pleasant day here, a cold wind and overcast. About 12 C I guess, cooler with the wind chill.

This morning David decided he was too sleep deprived to climb, so it was just G and on the hill.  Neither of us realized just how cold it was. We thought a certain wall would be out of the wind, it wasn’t but we climbed there anyway. After three climbs, about 4 pm, G was shivering so that was enough of that.

David had gone back to bed and slept until 2, and then did a quick walk down to town to get the bread we neglected to buy the previous day. G and I were praying he would be back as we had left him wth the only key.

Now he has lit us a fire so we are warming up nicely while it rains and thunder occasionally growls outside.

G is making us her usual excellent guacamole to go with our pre dinner drinks.

Here a couple more pictures of the inside of our new house.

A little more spartan than the previous house, but newer, very clean and cheerful. Obviously it has been on the market only a short time, it lacks the selection of remainders bottles of chilli, olive oil, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday. A cold day in ….”

  1. Nice going with the fire Dave! 🙂 Looks cozy. Glad you got some rest.
    I’m surprised at the stamina of G and Michael climbing in the cold and rain! Wow!! That is AMAZING!!!
    My hat is off to you. We are having a warm spell here it was 14C today… all the snow is almost gone.
    Enjoy your day tomorrow.


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