Friday. Started in the clouds, finished in a thunderstorm, but in between …..

It was a good days climbing with good 5 climbs.

We hoped to make an early start but woke in the mist, so didn’t leave until 10. It turned out to be good timing as the clouds started lifting as we approached our target wall.

No we were not going to the spires, but the Mota wall. Soon in was sunny and over the afternoon my rope guns put up a 5.8 , a 5.9 a 5.10a, a 5.10b and another 5.9. The 5.8 was not a 5.8 but but I managed it. The 5.9 threw me off at the crux. The 10a was the easiest and only took one rest. The 10b threw me off early and I jarred by knee so that was that. By the time we got to the last 5.9 I was tired and unfocused so soon blew a foot and was off that.

The others took lots of photos but I was generally too busy belaying.

At least I could sit down for some of them.

We left the cliff just as the wind got up and by the time we were half way home it was raining on us and the thunder and lightning was beginning to roll.

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