Saturday, our last day

Again it started misty, but we made and earlyish start anyway and were rewarded with some super views of the sun breaking through the mist.

We had a tentative arrangement to meet up with another pair of climbers who would allow us, or rather G and D to top rope some much harder climbs, unfortunately they did not materialize.

So G bravely led Joe’s Garage, circumnavigating the location of the snake that disrupted her previous attempt. Dave seconded after I quickly bailed.

Then we moved on to the Wonder Wall. This required us to scale the wall to the swimming pool complex, but it did not seem to raise any eyebrows and we were not alone.

Dave then led a 4 star 5.9 hating it. He had woken up with a stomach upset and taken an Imodium and so his heart and stomach wasn’t in it. I seconded it and really enjoyed it. One of the best of the week.

Then G led a 10.a which I declined to follow. Her she is stretched out on it.

Then we finished with a 5.8 which in places was harder than the 5.9 , but was a nice way to finish with.

One thought on “Saturday, our last day”

  1. Hi Michael,
    it sounds like a great way to end the two weeks of climbing!!! I’m appreciative of your blog; and all the lovely photos you took! Thank you so much!
    I’m glad to see the weather held up for you!… Looking forward to hearing about all the adventures first hand. Safe flight!


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