2018 Mare e Monti and Mare e Mare Nord. Corsica

Day 1 Wednesday 22nd August.

Calenzana to Bonifatu

Guide says: 4 hrs, 12k, 560m ascent, 300m descent.

This year Colin and I decided to return to Corsica but instead of going north to south to go from west to east across the island to make it a little extra we decided to combine to hikes. So yesterday we flew to Bastia, and today took the train to Calvi , then a taxi to Calenzana, and by 1.15 we were hiking. However the day until then had not been entirely with out incident. This included a forced march round Calvi looking for camping gas, during which Yours truly realized he had left his hiking poles on the train. We found some gas at a supermarket just outside town then backtracked to the railway station. The train was still there but alas my poles weren’t.

When we got off the train I thought it was much cooler than I expected. A high of 30 was expected . It was beautifully sunny but with a hint of clouds over the mountains.

However when the taxi dropped us off it was under a grey sky with the treat of thunderstorms. Actually this was good as it sheltered us from the sun.

We walked with the threat of thunderstorms all afternoon but they did not rain on us until we were safely having our supper.

The hike started with an hours uphill slog, then two hours of almost contouring. In the second of these two Colins’ calves started cramping up so we had a stop to massage them. At this time he also discovered that the egg he had snitched at breakfast was not hard boiled and had leaked in his bag!

Colin oiling his legs

Shortly after this we reached a river with swimming spots. Very cooling.

Then the last hours hike which was the nicest part of the day following the river up stream on a not much used but thankfully well marked trail as it twisted and wound its narrow way. It finished with another significant climb out of the gorge on a series of tight switchbacks. It finished on a road and then we just had a 15 walk to our Auberge.

View back down the valley
View up the valley to our gite

All in all a tougher trail than any part of the JMT that I did, steeper gradients and generally worse under foot. However my fitness seems to have carried over.

Drank too much wine in the evening so retired early after a good supper.

Fitbit says: 17k, 2020ft vertical

One thought on “2018 Mare e Monti and Mare e Mare Nord. Corsica”

  1. Bet that was a messy bag Dad!!!

    Great posts Mike and have now caught up.

    Without being greedy & just a suggestion, would be great to see a screen grab on each post showing your route.

    Take care and look forward to next post. Tell Dad I have given your blog address to Gill (wife) and Margaret (mother- in-law) as well.



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