Day 2 Bonifatu to Tuarelli

Guide says: 5.5 hrs, 17k, 655m ascent, 1100m descent.

Slept well and was surprised when coming down for our breakfast at 7.30 that nearly everyone had beaten us to it. Usual French breakfast.

8.40 saw use on our way. 2 hrs and 2000 ft of vertical to start the day. Hot and sweaty work but great views from the top.

Then 3800 ft of descent over the next 5 hours. Including a stop for a cooked lunch, actually one of Colin’s breakfasts’. Shortly after this we started to hear thunder and then it started to rain. We just put on our rain jackets and kept on. A bit noisy but not too frightening . Eventually it left us alone. Sorry no photos.

just before the end we met up with 4 others conferring at a junction. They were Bernhard and his son from Germany and Murrille Beatrice from France. We were in each other’s company for several nights after this. There was one other guy we were in sync with, but that was about all the people on the trail, at least in our direction. The gite at the end has managed to accommodate us all even if their tea and coffee machine has broken down. Having to make do with wine instead.

Fitbit says: 19k and 2300 ft ascent

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