Day 3 Tuarelli to Galéria

Guide says 5 hrs, 11k, 230m ascent, 270m descent.

We started off around 9.30 under sunny skies but the air still quite cool. The first hour was a walk along the river bank towards the sea. We passed lots of nice swimming spots and eventually found one to Colin’s liking just before an old bridge. Very nice and cooling, and just in time as after that it got very busy with holiday makers who had driven up to the bridge.

Then it was a bit of road walking. The restaurant by the bridge was inexplicably closed, but shortly after we found another were we had ice cream and fruit nectar. Then it was back on the road again for a while. When it was time to leave the road we were happy to do so for the shade of the trees. However that’s when the going got hard and the days heat was building.

It was two hours hot slogging, with many false summits, up to a lookout overlooking the town.

I was almost out of water and Colin was very hot and tired. But the view was good and the promise of swimming even better.

The swimming unfortunately had to wait. First the descent, then a quick stop at a mini market for refreshments, then finding the Gite. We had been told the gite was full, but there did not seem to be any cheap alternatives so we went there anyway. It was a km out of town and fortunately we had been misinformed and they did have spaces for us. And very nice places too. The showers etc the best ever seen in a gite, though the number of toilets was limited .

Lots of water a beer a shower later and we were restored to the human race.

Later we walked back to the village, had a crepe, and then down to the beach for a swim.

Nice clear water, very salty, nice and warm.

Then back to the gite for a very good supper with Murielle, Beatrice, Bernhard Jacob, and and so to bed.

Fitbit says: 19.6 k, 1360 ft ascent.

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