Day 4 Galéria to Girolata

Guide says 5hrs, 12k, 770m ascent, 800m descent.

Very windy this morning, partly cloudy but still warm. 2 1/2 hrs of uphill to start the day. A pretty trail with a small reservoirmany crossings of the same stream and some great views, but long. Very glad to get to the top and stop for a bar. This is where we caught up with the others. Then the walk turned delightful travelling along a ridge with great views on both sides.

That’s our destination below

. Along the way we stopped for a hot meal, one of my breakfasts.

Then a long long descent, arriving here about 2.30pm ( 6 hours on the trail including breaks)

Approaching, genovese castle on headland above G
Looking down on the harbour

Girolata is only accessible by foot or by boat. Today, perhaps because of the high winds, no boat tourists. Just as well as there are sometimes 2000 of them. They come for the local nature conservature.

We had a swim, in the crowded harbour and relaxed.

Gite: le Cormorant
The gite nestled at the end of the harbour under the castle

No Fitbit data as the watch ran out of power half way thru the hike.

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