Day 5 Girolata to Curzu

Last to leave as usual, but only 8.20 so no worries.

An hour later saw as swimming in a deserted beach. The wind had dropped over night and it was cooler, but not so cold that we hadn’t worked up a bit if’s sweat.

Our timing was good as we then met many people walking down to the beach from the road an hour above. At the road we stopped from a drink and then continued upwards. Very steep for the first 1000 ft or so of vertical, and then ridge walking down and back up again. Great views on both sides.

Close to the top we stopped for a cool off and a bar. The descent was long and fairly nasty but eventually dropped us out at the top of the village. A rapid descent down thru the village brought us to our gite at about 1.30pm. Much water was then drunk before moving on to apple tart and ice cream.

Fitbit says 18k, 3030 ft vertical

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