Day 6 Curzu to Serriera

Guide says: 3hrs 15 min, 8k, 430m ascent, 690m descent

Bernhard and Jacob left early and we will not be seeing them again as they are moving straight on after today’s stage to meet up with the rest of their family. We left after a leasurely breakfast. Clear skies, little wind and warm sun.

The usual compulsory climb to start with views back to the village and to the sea. Then contouring round and down a nice ridge and the a steep descent to the river. A signpost said twenty minutes for that last descent, took us 40! On this stretch we passed the only other hiker of the day going in the opposite direction under a very heavy pack.

The river was not to Colin’s liking, too shallow, but that did not stop me from stripping off and cooling off. He boiled up some water for one of his breakfasts while I had left over bread and cheese and a peach.

After this was another 1000 ft steep climb, done in stages. Then a pretty nice track/path brought us down to our distinction. Unfortunately there was no room in the gite so we had an extra 10 walk to a hotel down the road where we got the last room.

Fitbit says: 14k 1540 ft vertical

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