Day 7 Serriera to Ota

Guide says: 5hrs 40mins, 11k, 900m ascent, 610m descent.

After our late night we woke relatively late, nevertheless we left at 8.50am. Under a cloudless sky. A final time up the road to the village and the we were on the trail again. 2hrs 40 min of uphill slog was forecast, and it was, but the views got better and better.

An early view back to the village
A view back over yesterday’s hike

We got to the top in the forecast time, despite more than one stop to cool off. We found a good lookout spot, then retreated to have lunch under the cool shade of an ancient chestnut tree. Then it was time for the descent.

After a bit of a traverse it plunged down a ravine. We hoped for a swimming hole in vain, the best we could do was dunk our hats and cool our feet in a small stream.

A view back to the ridge we have just descended from

Then it was an up and down traverse until our destination can in view. Just in time as both Colin and I had just run out of water. We were soon descending thru the village to our gite for the night.

After rehydrating and showering we went for a short walk thru the village. Had a smoothie, and found the local shop which looks good for supplies for the morning .

Fitbit says : 24k, which I don’t believe. I think all the short steps I am taking, uphill and down, are fooling it: 30500 steps, and 3600 ft vertical – both which I do believe.

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