Day 10 Col de Vergio to Albertacce

Guide says: 4hrs, 13k, 160m ascent, 710m descent.

Early morning sky

Breakfast was scheduled for 7 this morning, and our dormitory was empty by then with everyone eager to be gone. Colin and are were last up, having less urgency.

After breakfast we started off.

The hotel
The dormitory block

It was cool and windy. The trail being mainly downhill it took a long time for me to warm up. We were walking through woods most of the day, with the occasional stream crossing, and more open area. We were mainly traversing the south facing side of of an east west valley.

Albertacce is a very quiet village. No shop. The gite was unmanned so we let ourselves in. Then went back to the one bar cum restaurant in town only to find it had just closed for the afternoon. We pursuaded the proprietor to sell us a couple of beers, for which he highly over charged us, before he ushered us out saying it was time for his siesta. Back to gite for shower and to write this while Colin has his siesta.

One of many stream crossings
Flowers by a pool
Panoramic view of the other side of the valley
Our final bridge
Old water race bringing water to mill by the bridge
The other side of the mill
View back up the valley
Many blackberries along the trail today

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