Day 11 (Sept 1st.) Albertacce to A Sega

Guide says 5 hrs -15 mins,12k, 800 m ascent, 460m descent

Rather than back track thru the village we continued down the road. Windy again this morning and cool enough fore to be glad of my vest. The road led as quickly to the next village which was much more a going concern and where we were able to buy lunch materials ( bread, cheese and fruit) as well as some pasta salad for a snack when we reached the refuge.

Then we continued down the road to where it crossed the dam of a reservoir. Great views up the valley.

View down the valley from the dam
Old bridge in valley below the dam

On the other side we left the road and started up the track. As we had been told at the gite the night before it was horrible, steep, loose, and very slippery. It was going straight up while the road we had just left was doing lazy switch backs up the same slope. The second time we came to the road we said enough, and walked up the road instead. Much easier. We got up 600ft like this before we had to go back on the trail. A nice stop after an hour for a peach and then an hour later for lunch. Great views. Half an hour later we were at the top. A total rise of some 2600 ft. And apparently the high point of our whole tour at 1950m above sea level.view ahead of us.

View behind us

Then it was down the other side, into a wild wooded valley, and after 1600ft descent we got to the Refuge A Sega, a spacious, modern construction on the banks of the Tavignano river.

After checking in we went for a very cold swim in a lovely pool just up stream from the refuge. I tried Muffy’s trick of waiting 10 seconds but by that time my skin was starting to burn. Then we had our snack. Very welcome it was too.

Then we put up the tent as Colin had not seen it. Then took it down again and here we are. Colin has gone for a little explore while I write this.

A little later went joined Colin at the bridge over the river where I took this shot

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